• Full service

    We are a full service public relations firm specializing in most different accounts. Our international client base ranges from passionate entrepreneurs to established brands in a variety of industries, including restaurants, beverages, travel and hospitality.

  • A great team!

    Our dedicated team of publicists is distinguished by a results-driven entrepreneurial spirit, considerable experience, and longstanding media contacts.

  • Our mission...

    ... is to continually challenge ourselves to offer bigger and better results, and in turn, increase sales for our clients. This results-based philosophy has been our foundation for nearly nine years and will continue to be a driving force for years to come.

  • We specialize in...

    Brand Building - Product Launches - Media Relations Events & Promotions - Corporate Social Responsibility - Sponsorship Activation - Media Training - Corporate Communications - Digital Production

Our focus: When you have more information, your decisions are more accurate.

About Us...

From companies to VIPs, we are stewards of the people, places, and brands we represent and we’re dedicated to developing and maintaining a name for all of them with top-notch results. Our clients are innovative thinkers who, like us, are passionate about what they do.

Everyone of them has an original story to tell. That is why we use our resources as a diverse and experienced staff to approach each client with a unique, custom-tailored effort. Every team member is engaged in the success and future of our company.

Like our clients, we aspire to be leaders in our field and we never shy away from an opportunity to raise the bar or set a new standard. We attract the best and the brightest in the business because our office is one where growth and change aren't merely possible; they’re essential. We infuse our creative energy and enthusiasm into every account we take on.

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...How we do?

Our intentions may be good, but our results are even better. And nothing speaks to our success more effectively than the fact that many of our clients return for help with subsequent projects. That’s because we prove time and again that we’re flexible and creative enough to meet their wide-ranging needs within the scope of an ever-changing media landscape.

We’re not satisfied with simply keeping up; we prefer to set the pace. Being an innovator in today’s industry means taking full advantage of the fact that we spend our days and nights at work with the heavy hitters in the media. Making use of the latest communication devices and marketing tools in our campaigns allows us to travel at the speed of online media, be fully saturated in a wide range of press outlets, and respond swiftly and effectively to clients, editors, and fellow staffers alike. Our approach invariably translates into successful results for our clients and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished for them.

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